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The View rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City

The View rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City
19 Aug

The View Rooftop Bar in Ho Chi Minh City

Whilst in Ho Chi Minh, I’ve found myself viewing a lot of rooftop bars and admiring the views that they had to offer.

There was one view I remember the most, due to its structure and layout of the rooftop itself, having a Japanese theme with colorful lanterns and cherry blossom trees: the Duc Vuong Hotel. This really created the perfect moment for a photo for me and my friends.

We ended up drinking cocktails and local beers all day at very reasonable prices, and took full advantage of their drink promotions. We also noticed that the Duc Vuong Hotel rooftop was the highest point of the Bui Vien street, so we had the best view of the city, especially when the sun set and the street came alive.

Although we weren’t staying at the hotel itself, an inexpensive buffet was available to outside guests, so we sat at the rooftop bar to watch the sun rise over the city, whilst enjoying our breakfast. Thank you Duc Vuong Hotel for the photographs!

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