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Best hotels in Bui Vien walking street

19 Aug

Best hotels in Bui Vien walking street

This has been my third visit to Ho Chi Minh City, and as the old saying goes, third time lucky. My first two visits, I stayed in two different hotels, both of which were booked through booking agencies and price comparison sites, and weren’t up to the standard advertised. However, on the third visit, I decided to hold back on booking and explore my options. After a day of searching, I found Duc Vuong Hotel on Bui Vien after the outside staff invited me upstairs to view the city from its rooftop bar.

To get to the rooftop bar, you have to go through the hotel’s lobby, which was noticeably more welcoming than other hotels I’d previously stayed at, not to mention its clean environment and relaxed atmosphere.

I therefore decided to check out the price of the rooms, and surprisingly, these rooms were much cheaper than I expected because the reception informed me of the 15% discount that was available by booking directly through their website, using a promo code that they provided for me at reception – so I decided to book for two nights.

After visiting the rooftop bar and drinking many of their fantastic cocktails, of which there were a wide selection, I found myself enjoying the relaxed vibe while seeing Bui Vien come alive at night. The rooftop bar offers a Japanese theme with lots of lanterns and cherry blossom trees to create memorable photos.

The following two nights I stayed in the hotel and my room was comfortable, up to standards and much quieter than I had expected, even though the hotel itself is situated on Bui Vien Street. I decided to spend the remaining of my trip at the Duc Vuong Hotel and realized that they offer so much here, such as tours, readings areas, PCs, high-speed Wi-Fi, etc. I sincerely felt that I was well looked after; it definitely felt like a home from home.

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