Hotel Reviews

The hotel reviews are a platform for us to hear about your opinions, what you think of your stay in Ho Chi Minh city and what your feelings are. Furthermore, it helps us to process your requests better and create a strong bond between the guests and hotel staffs. It also valuates the quality of service and the integrity of the hotel. Therefore, your hotel review lets us know which aspects you satisfy with and what other things you wish us to change. We truly appreciate your contribution and continuous support throughout the years. Moreover, we would love to offer you some great promotions on both hotel and restaurant as a gratitude if you travel in a group or a returned customer. It definitely helps you to save more on your travel expenses. There are something you do not like about, for example, the breakfast buffet, room service, location or staffs, we listen to your concerns and are willingly to change if it is necessary. Hence, it benefits our future guests and improves on our presentation. If you have any inquires or doubts you wish us to clarify, we would be very pleased to answer your questions, please kindly send us an email to and we would attend to you shortly. The hotel reviews are also an indicator to let us know about our performances and position in Ho Chi Minh city. We strive to maintain positive customer experiences in times of high demand. Thus, we are able to meet different needs